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about us

Our History

Mini Split Specialist is the newest company within Hammett Holdings, LLC. Hammett Holdings, LLC was formerly known as Roy Hammett Co., LLC, a leading design/build commercial and industrial HVAC contracting firm in Spartanburg, SC. After 49 years of designing, fabricating, installing and servicing conventional heating and A/C projects, we understand that the world and technology, including building technologies, are changing at a rapid pace. We know that we must keep up, or get left behind. We are ready for the future, but respect time-honored ways of doing business with our valued customers.


To better serve the industry and our loyal customers, Mini Split Specialist was formed in 2019. Our goal is to be a leader in this industry; to set ourselves apart with unsurpassed levels of professionalism and personalized service along with an extensive product line that our partner, Samsung HVAC, offers. By focusing on one type of system, we deliver a high level of quality craftsmanship and skill with both installation and service of these systems. It’s all we do. Mini Split Specialist is committed to being the best at installing quality products because we believe that our customers deserve nothing less.

Our Promise

Through the years, our clients have come to appreciate the fact that when they call, we answer. Our quotes are provided in a timely manner and projects are started and completed when promised. Our company vision has grown with the times. As the market evolves, Mini Split Specialist is well-equipped to evolve with it. Our dedicated team welcomes the opportunity to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.

We always deliver, Comfort without Compromise


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Samsung the only brand you work on?
    No, we work on most of the other brands of ductless - mini split type equipment. We do not service conventional heating and cooling equipment such as heat pumps and gas systems.
  • What is the lifespan of a ductless AC unit?
    Just like any other HVAC system, the service life of a ductless AC unit will vary based on factors such as usage and maintenance. With good maintenance, expect your ductless AC unit to offer 20 years of service.
  • How is a ductless AC unit controlled?
    Ductless AC units have a built-in control panel on the air handler to adjust settings and temperatures. Most models also include a remote control with each air handler, allowing you to adjust the unit’s settings remotely.
  • How many zones can I add with my ductless AC unit?
    Our Free Joint Multi ductless mini-split systems support up to five indoor air handling units per one outdoor heat pump. If your home or building requires more zones, additional ductless AC units can be added to support more indoor air handlers. Your ductless AC installer will determine the best system configuration to optimize comfort in your home.
  • What are the advantages of ductless AC units?
    Installing a ductless AC unit has a few key differences than traditional HVAC systems, making them a better choice in certain applications. First, they way the system is set up, it is designed to provide zoned comfort – with a traditional central HVAC system, an additional zoning system is required to deliver the ability to individually control heating and cooling in different areas of the home. The biggest advantage of a ductless AC unit is the lack of ducts – hence the name. There is no ductwork required to use this type of HVAC equipment. This makes a ductless AC unit a great option in homes where there is no existing ductwork, or where ductwork requires replacement or a major renovation to accommodate a new heating and cooling system. They are a great option for heating and cooling in homes where space is limited. Choosing a ductless AC unit versus a traditional central AC or heat pump will save you the cost and expense of installing ductwork. Even in homes that have existing usable ductwork, retrofitting ductless air conditioning units can still be a great choice, as they offer high energy efficiency.
  • How loud is a ductless AC unit?
    Ductless AC units actually run fairly quiet compared to a central HVAC system. Air moving through ducts can make quite a bit of noise, which is noticeable in the home. With no ducts, a ductless air conditioning system does not produce this noise, offering quieter operation.


Mike and Mini-Split Specialist was awarded by becoming the largest seller of Samsung mini-split products in the State of South Carolina. 

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